Tereza Dvorakova Ph. D. – personal therapist

My name is Tereza Dvorakova, I am a physiotherapist, specialised on pain, movement analysis and gynaecology and psychosomatic context.

I am convinced, that most pains are redundant and come from simple ignorance of how we function. I take your story from a cohesive look while considering psychics and your personal story.

What can I help You with?

Each of my jobs is an individual combination of everything I learned in my 25 years of experience. I help people understand and solve problems of the body comprehensively.


Solving body pain is my mission. Like a detective, I search for the Possible and Impossible with one goal in mind. Your next movement, painless. I use PHYSIOTHERAPY and PSYCHOSOMATHY for diagnosing and professional care.


Defend Your body from redundant pain. Kinesiotaping – stretchy sticky tape does wonders. It relieves pain, lowers swelling, fixates a sprained ankle, lightens the intervertebral disc and much more. It helps fast, doesn‘t limit movement. For athletes, children and the elderly.

Manual medicine in gynaecology

Solution of female problems without pills or operations. Helps with for ex. incontinency, with painful intercourse or menstruation. A transferred effect is visible on the entire body and soul.

Contact me and we‘ll arrange a meeting

Do You need to solve a problem, or just advice? Definitely contact me and I will try to halp the best I can.


Tereza Dvořáková